Book of Dead

Let’s talk about the RTP, shall we?

In many of our book of dead review, we talked about some of the things you need to know about the slots game, but talking about the RTP in detail is worth it. The mobile gaming experience and its symbols are clearly shown and buttons intuitive to use, big enough to make playing comfortable and straightforward to use.

Sure, Play n Go is without a doubt the most popular gaming studios in the gambling industry and their slots games are relatively popular with slots players thanks to their unique blend of generous payouts, fast-paced, and warm payouts.

What’s the game’s RTP?

At many casinos, the Book of Dead Slot RTP is 96.21%. That sounds great. Well, the question is, how can you win big with this slot? We’ll show you how to go about that.

How to go about it

Undoubtedly, Book of Dead is one of the fast-paced online slots game on the market right now, and it offers slots players action-packed playing experience that is big on thrilling gameplay. Most games developed by Play n Go are fast-paced, with quick and smooth with animation sequences intersected seamlessly throughout the game is no different.

We will highlight the symbols in order of value, right from the most valuable to the least useful in the game players need to watch out for a while playing.

  • Adventurer: this is the most valuable symbol in the game; the biggest payout possible with the adventurer symbol is 5,000.
  • Golden Mummy: The Golden mummy is a beautifully crafted symbol boasts a big max payout of 2,000 on one spin.
  • Egyptian Cat God: The colourful symbol offers a potential 750 over the reels in a spin.
  • Jewel encrusted scarab: the stunning symbol is highly valuable, and it is worth up to 750.
  • A: This classic Ace symbol in Book of Dead is worth up to 150 on one spin.
  • K: Another good value symbol is “K”; it is worth up to 150 per spin.
  • Q: The Q symbol comes with a payout of 100 per spin.
  • J: The J symbol is the second-lowest symbol with a max value of 100 per spin.
  • 10: There you have it, folks, 10 is the least valuable symbol in Book of Dead. It’s worth a max 100 per spin.

The colourful design is the real treat here, and it makes a soothing change from other slots you’ll readily find on the internet might seem indistinguishable. Thankfully, the developer is known for creating premium games on have a knack for creating high-quality graphics game and what the players will get is an exciting game which looks beautiful while still offering exciting gameplay as well as rewards for the winnings. 

Our Verdict

The action in the slots game happens in the burial chamber of one of Pharaoh’s tombs for an adventure-packed experience. The design is genuinely authentic with symbols that include perfectly crafted Egyptian themes and imagery like golden statues, golden books, and encrusted scarabs.